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how to use a butt plug

09/17/2010 10:04

Butt plugs give a feeling of fullness in the anus with contributes to sexual arousal and an incredibly powerful orgasm for both men and women.

For women, wearing an anal plug during sex will force the penis to thrust towards the front of the vaginal walls increasing the contact with her g-spot with every thrust in.

For men, wearing it stimulates his prostate, a highly concentrated nerve-filled spot that gives sensations similar to stimulating a woman's g-spot. When men and women wear an anal plug, sexual sensations are heightened and the orgasm becomes extremely intense

Butt plugs are a narrow tapered object with a flared base usually made out of vinyl rubber, jelly or silicone.The flared base is to prevent the anal toy from being sucked into the rectum. The anus is a sphincter blocking the rectum and the rectum will suck in anything inserted into it, that would cause a very embarrassing trip to the emergency room! On that note, you should never insert anything into the anus that does not have a flared base or a retrieval handle.

To use a plug is simple, you apply a generous quantity of anal lube and insert very carefully and slowly, not to harm the delicate anal tissue. Anal lubricant is recommended because it is thick water based formula that helps to ease a butt plug into place with minimal discomfort. With patience and a gentle touch, you will be used to the feeling of the butt plug going in and you will be used to the amazing feeling of the fullness it will give.

Another very popular variation is the vibrating butt plug. There have been nothing but amazing reviews about vibrating butt plugs and they are rapidly becoming hot sellers and extremely popular. Vibrating anal toys will send you into orgasmic ecstasy!

Most have multi-speed controllers to control to keep them low during arousal and turn it up as high as it will go at the time of orgasm. This will result in an unexplainably thrilling orgasm! Of course, we have wireless vibrating butt plugs for hands free operation and a no-frills anal pleasure while you are having sex.

The inflatable butt plug is for those who truly enjoy the fullness in the rectum. Inflatable butt plugs are great because they insert through the anus as a regular sized anal plug, then with the use of a hand pump, they inflate in the rectum. They can inflate to sizes that would be downright painful to insert through the anus, providing the filling pleasure that you desire without harming the delicate anal tissue.

Tips you should know:
It is very important to use water-based lubricant because the anus does not lubricate itself like the vagina does and will not be able to expel silicone or petroleum based personal lubricant. This could cause irritation and discomfort. Get anal lube which is designed specifically for anal sex or using anal toys.

There are desensitizing anal lubricants for the people who experience discomfort while having an anal toy inserted or painful anal sex. They are controversial because desensitizing anal lubes need to be used properly. You should not apply too much because if the area is too numb, you can easily cause tears in the sensitive skin. We would advise against the use of desensitizing anal lubricant as the sole source of lubricant. It can easily be blended with regular anal lube and you should use only a very small amount.

Butt plugs are not meant to be moved in and out the same way a vibrator is intended, rather anal plugs are meant to be placed and left alone in the anus. There are anal toys that are designed for probing around and moving in and out. Men especially enjoy this sensation because it massages the prostate.
Anal toys are not only for gay men, but straight men benefit from them just as much. Prostate toys are becoming increasingly popular and they are used in the same fashion, use plenty of lubricant as you insert the toy.

Small sized butt plugs are good for training the anus but they do have a tenancy to fall out, if this is the case, it is recommended to upgrade to a larger butt plug with more girth which is retained much better. Also if you find if it falls out, try using less lubricant.

If you have any questions about sex toys, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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